is a community-led radio station and record label based in London. Their mission is to showcase the hottest emerging talent in the underground music scene, led by a diverse group of women, LGBTQI+ person’s and talent creatives who support our values - with women at the forefront.

Having launched in 2019, YUCK® has worked closely alongside founders Becky Richardson and Frankie Wells for the past four years to expand the brand into the colourful world it currently exists within.

The ‘#IAMADJ’ campaign begun with a t-shirt, but stemmed a wider conversation about the role gender plays in the description of professions. Challenging the need to prefix DJ's as “female”.

In July 2021, the radio station expanded and launched ' Records’. As the brand grew, so did their strategy. Taking the ‘fm’ most commonly associated with radio, we transformed this into an adaptive manifesto. Foundation is no longer just radio - it is community, energy, diversity, a safe space, family, opportunity.
Creative Direction