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Artwork Design

MK - 17 - Lyric Video


Album Artwork

"Modern Ruin" – Artwork

Top 5 - Logo Sting

"Losing You" – Artwork

Artwork Design

Outdoor Ads

"Made In Lagos" - S3E7 - Full Episode

"I've Got A Girl" – Artwork

Image from foundation.fm

Artist Stings


To coincide with the launch of Series 3, YUCK® developed a brand and identity for Top 5. The brand is bright and confrontational, with the logo 'pieced' together using some of the most iconic type in recent album art.



Website Design & Development

Book Design


Our work covered every aspect of the campaign, from digital to real world advertising, merchandise, product design, photography and live visuals. We worked to challenge the perception of the band with a modern direction that stood out amongst a genre so eager to rely on the past.


"Easy Tiger" – Artwork


"TV Shows" – Full Podcast

"Never Get To Heaven" – Artwork

Social Assets

Stage Backdrop

Hero Asset

Social Assets


The I AM A campaign started with a t-shirt, but began a wider conversation about the role gender plays in the descriptions of professions. Challenging the need to prefix DJ or Producer's as "female".

foundation.fm x Boiler Room – Merchandise

Stills - MK - 17 - Lyric Video

Wireless Festival – Highlights Video


Collaboration is at the heart of foundation.fm. YUCK® has worked on partnerships with Converse, Boiler Room, Lovebox, Nike, Mulberry, AWAL & Wireless Festival.

foundation.fm X AWAL – Posters

"Romance" – Artwork

Plain Jane Social Assets

Outdoor Ad

Outdoor Ad

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Animated Artwork

Social Asset

Outdoor - 16 Sheet

Outdoor - 60x40

Outdoor - London Bus

Outdoor - 16 Sheet

Lyric Video

TV Advert

Outdoor - 48 Sheet

"No Delay" - Artwork

"Health Scare" – Artwork

"Trouble's Coming" - Instagram Filter - Example Clip

"Trouble's Coming" - Instagram Filter - Fan Clips


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